What is the Best Furnace Air Filter for Pets?

MERV 9-12 filters are great for people with allergies, as they can capture smaller allergens such as pet dander. For those with severe respiratory conditions or sensitivities, MERV 13-16 ratings are the highest air cleaners can achieve. These filters are able to block bacteria, viruses, and other particles, making them ideal for households with pets or children who are prone to allergies. If your air conditioner motor can handle a MERV 11 filter, it's a great option for you.

Furnace filters come in a variety of sizes, with the three most common being 16 by 20 inches, 20 by 25 inches and 16 by 25 inches. The highest level of particulate matter can be blocked by these filters, which have a MERV rating of 16-20. However, they are not suitable for most residential furnaces. In this case, electronic air filters are a better option as they can remove almost all particles in the air that are 0.1 microns or larger in size.

Thicker furnace filters tend to have a longer service life and provide lower static pressure for the system. High-quality furnace filters designed to filter small particles can remove many allergens from the air and provide relief for allergy sufferers. Different designs and materials of construction affect the particles that the filter will capture. We research the best furnace filters on the market, evaluating filter type, MERV rating and overall value.

Today you have a selection of air filters that are made to keep pet dander and odors out of the air so you can live comfortably with your four-legged friends. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter blocks up to 99.7 percent of airborne particles of 0.3 microns or greater, but is not available in sizes that meet standard ovens. For this reason, many medical experts recommend HEPA furnace filters to people who are allergic to allergens, debris, or dust because of their excellent capabilities. Measure your current air filter and opt for a high MERV rating to proactively protect air quality and eliminate pet dander and hair.

For optimal air quality, use this filter in conjunction with other allergen reduction measures such as a vacuum with a HEPA filter and an air purifier to keep airborne allergens at bay. Additionally, a good air filter keeps the central air conditioner (and furnace) working by protecting the mechanical components from dust and dirt.

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