Do Furnace Filters Improve Air Quality?

Changing the furnace filters in your heating system can do a lot for both the home and the heating system itself. It can improve the air quality inside the house and can also increase the efficiency of the furnace. Air purifiers and furnace filters, when used together, can provide cleaner air, eliminate odors, and aid respiratory health. No, the furnace filter is not in place to improve air quality.

It may have a minor effect on it, but cleaner air is not its purpose. Most standard furnace filters available today are not designed to clean indoor air. In reality, its primary function is to prevent larger particles, such as pet hair and dust bunnies, from damaging the furnace fan motor. These larger particles are rarely the main cause of shortness of breath. The longer technical guide focuses on air filters for residential use; it does not cover air filters used in large or commercial structures, such as office buildings, schools, large apartment buildings, or public buildings.

With a MERV rating of 2 to 3, these filters are good for people who don't have pets or respiratory problems, as they do very little to clean the air. If your home suffers from poor indoor air quality that makes your winter unpleasant, you will need different types of filters or other IAQ products. The best types for filtering harmful particles from the air are HEPA pleated media filters, but the other three types also have their advantages. Portable air filters and HVAC filters can reduce indoor air pollution; however, they cannot remove all air pollutants.

Clean Air Supply Rate (CADR) is the important metric for air cleanliness and is equal to the airflow rate multiplied by the filter efficiency. In addition to providing general information about the types of pollutants affected by air filters, this document discusses the types of air cleaning devices and technologies available, the metrics that can be used to compare air cleaning devices, and the effectiveness of air cleaning devices for eliminating indoor air pollutants and information from intervention studies on the effects that air filters can have on health and health markers. However, there is another important factor and that is where the filtered air is extracted and delivered from. If the filter is left in place, additional pressure is exerted on the furnace, which will cause bill spikes and cause a drop in airflow through the system. Indoor air quality (IAQ) researchers have established that small invisible particles floating in the air are harmful to human health.Pleated filters are more expensive than fiberglass panels, but are cheaper than true HEPA filters. Red Dog Associates can assess indoor air quality and recommend products to keep your air clean.

Unfortunately, equipment air filters really have a function - to protect the equipment.

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